A 2000 Sapphire EL

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Jacto's Arbus Sapphire 530 gallon trailed airblast sprayer offers incomparable performance in a wide variety of crops, such as highbush blueberries, apples, stone fruits, grapes, nuts, avocados, citrus and large nursery trees.

Jacto's 33" two port fan delivers almost 51,000 CFM of air volume at air speeds up to 78 MPH. Combining this high performance fan with Jacto's JP190 50 GPM ceramic cylinder high pressure piston pump gives you superior performance in spray deposition, to penetrate the densest canopies up to 25 feet plus.

With standard features that are options on most other sprayers, such as double flip over anti-drip nozzle holders with ceramic nozzles and electric on/off valves for spray control and in-cab controller, the Sapphire is easy on your pocketbook and the environment, while providing excellent coverage for eliminating diseases and pests.

A constant velocity wide angle PTO shaft is standard to allow for tighter turns without having to have a heavy turning hitch or consuming extra horsepower.

Spécifications techniques

  • Réservoir en polyéthylène : 528 Gal.
  • Réservoir d'eau propre : 5.28 Gal.
  • Filtre principal : FVS-100
  • Capacité de filtrage : 26 Gal./min
  • Pompe : JP-75
  • Vitesse de travail : 1 à 4 mph