Aquapro WC


The Aquapro WC thermal weed killer is an eco-friendly turnkey unit that quickly eliminates weeds using technology that allows the projection of hot water at over 230 degrees F creating a thermal shock and eliminating weeds up to at the root. The unit also features our intelligent Logic Control. The Aquapro WC is only designed for thermal weed killing.

Tank 765L / 200 US Gal
Engine Gasoline
Dimensions 74"L x 66"W x 50"H
Weight 2625 lbs / 1193 kg
Technical specifications


ecological treatment which does not generate any chemicals without any risk of damaging the surface while having a low cost of use


Municipalities:Cycle paths, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, curbs, building exteriors, bus shelters, service areas and airports
Agriculture:Nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards and market gardeners
Landscaping:Paved, gardens, green spaces, private properties, building maintenance

  • Engine: Vanguard 6.5 HP
  • Gallonage: 4 gpm
  • Logic Control panel for automatic control and maintenance
  • Available Towed version or on fixed base
  • Hose (100 ft), reel and lance included
  • Pump: Ceramic piston Crankshaft
  • 48" wide chassis for installation on van