Fusion 1500 Dual

On demand


The Fusion series redefines high performance irrigation thanks to its ultra-robust boom and reinforced chassis. You'll get reliable performance that exceeds expectations. It will be your trusted ally for your intense watering work.

Speciality: Potato producer / Market gardeners

Tank 5765L / 1500 US Gal
Ramp choice 80 / 90 / 100
Ramp Double side
Axle clearance 32"
Technical specifications

  • Hydraulic centrifugal pump 13 gpm
  • Wheel available: R46
  • LED road light assembly
  • 7-function electro-hydraulic control (LogicControl)
  • Adjustable axle 90 / 120 in (manual)
  • Triple nozzle holder
  • 5-section booms / 20 in. nozzles
  • Double folding side ramps
  • MicroTrak Automatic Application Rate Controller (5 sections)
  • 2" fill inlet
  • Boom section filter
  • International ISOBUS system
  • Hydraulic wheel spread
  • Tandem wheels 16.9-24 gauge 72
  • Ramp AUTOBOOM: The booms adjust and follow the height of the ground. The ramps remain parallel to the chassis which move according to the ground
  • LOGICBOOM: Booms automatically adjust to always stay the same distance from vegetation for even watering
  • Pre-mixer 16 Gal
  • ARS automatic flushing with cabin control
  • Hydraulic axle suspension
  • Air assisted: Precision watering that counters the wind with a jet of air (not available on 100 feet)
  • Set of blue work lights