The HSM400 Hydroseeder is a turnkey unit which enables an inexpensive tailor-made grass growing service which offers a rapid return on investment for the user. With the difficulty of labor and the increasing costs of peat and its maintenance, hydroseeding becomes the solution. Only one operator can use the machine in full function. The mulch (paper or wood pulp with fertilizer and seed and water) which is sprayed allows you to choose the type of grass and ensures moisture to the soil while protecting the seeds of animals by eliminating erosion of the land.
Tank 1440L / 380 US Gal
Engine Gasoline
Dimensions 86"L x 48"w x 55"h
Weight 2060 lbs / 934 kg
Technical specifications

  • RPM: 1750
  • Electric motor: 1.5 HP
  • Volts : 120
  • Phase :1
  • Amperes: 12.4
  • Pump: comet Crankshaft
  • Pressure (in lb/in): 21200
  • Gal/min: 2.2
  • Impact force: 4 lbs
  • Thermal protector: Not available
  • Automatic stop start: Not available
  • Hose: 35 ft.
  • Nozzle orifice: 04.0
  • Power cord : 23 ft.
  • Weight : 125 lbs