On demand

The Volta series is the revolutionary collection in multiple watering (lawn watering or flower watering). An ecological product with a fully electric motor and rechargeable battery. The unit is maintenance free and noise free. It is equipped with a voltmeter to indicate the charge of the AGM slow discharge battery 70% 1.2 KW. The battery can also be recharged at 12V if forgotten. A fully charged unit can easily do a full day of treatment thanks to its intelligent automatic start. The unit activates only when the gun trigger is pulled and shuts off after 5 seconds of non-use.

Maintenance-free / Noise-free / Pollution-free

Tank 765L / 200 US Gal
Engine Electric
Dimensions 82"L x 42"W x 42"H
Technical specifications


  • Pump: 12 Vdc piston-membrane 5.8 Gal / min
  • Hose: 300 feet